The Legend of Buc Buccaneer

Written by Dan Bodenstein. Illustrations by Ron Robrahn. Story by Dan Bodenstein and Ron Robrahn.

Who is Buc Buccaneer? The Legend of Buc Buccaneer is a swashbuckling pirate adventure for children ages 8-12. It follows the adventure of a orphaned rooster named Buc who learns more about past than he bargained for. His new found knowledge takes him from a rooster the the level of pirate adventurer. Entrusted with a mission to locate pieces of a map, Buc sets out to find the truth about his past, and to his future. The Legend of Buc Buccaneer is a fun-filled action adventure that follows his tale from Port Royal, to Tortuga, and parts unknown. Sailing through the Caribbean, Buc and the crew of the Fowl Stench battle corruption, greed, and the wrath of the sea in order to find the truth. Follow the progress on Facebook

The story is complete.

We recently finished the writing portion of our story, The Legend of Buc Buccaneer. It has taken over 4 years to complete this part of  our journey. Pre-readers have given the story high praise and were surprised, and entertained at the characters and twists...

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Meet the Crew : Chumlee

Meet Chumlee, Quarter Master of the Fowl Stench. Chumlee is from the clan Tatkret, far to the North. How and why he ended up in the Caribbean is still a mystery to many. His strength is only matched by his loyalty. No matter where the wind blows the Captain, Chumlee...

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Meet the Crew : Twitch

Meet Twitch - Deckhand aboard the Fowl Stench. Twitch is a Turducken. Little is known about Turducken. Many believe they are no more than the subject of tales and legends. But the stories of Turducken carry warnings for all who sail with them. Their kind are nomadic...

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Buc Buccaneer first draft is nearly complete.

My original hope was to complete the first draft of Buc Buccaneer by the end of 2015. I am on the last chapter and since it has many twists, turns and emotional moments, I am really trying to capture those properly. Ron continues to do character development. We are...

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