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Buc Buccaneer first draft is nearly complete.

Buc Buccaneer first draft is nearly complete.

My original hope was to complete the first draft of Buc Buccaneer by the end of 2015. I am on the last chapter and since it has many twists, turns and emotional moments, I am really trying to capture those properly. Ron continues to do character development. We are considering adding illustrations in an older Sepia tone in the book. We’ve also discussed a toned down children’s book version, since Ron’s designs are just simply amazing!

IMG_4973This year, 2016, I hope to get the story analyzed by a novel doctor, and have the first true edit done. I an working toward getting it ready for publish at years end. Ron recently finished a few character designs for the story. We have several more main characters to work on, but the two he’s worked on are important to the story.

We also have an extremely talented artist named Ali Wagner that is working on a 3D sculpture of Buc Buccaneer. We met her in Orlando at her shop, 3 Fairies Workshop. She does some amazing work, and when we asked her if she could bring Buc to life, she said yes. Here’s the current stage of the sculpture.

Below are some character designs Ron has done for The Legend of Buc Buccaneer.

chumlee-one-sheet-wm twitch-one-sheet-wm


Sasparilla Springs is our next project

Sasparilla Springs is our next project

Yea Haw! Howdy folks! Yup, you guessed it. Our next story’s gonna be centered around a quirky little western town named Sasparilla Springs. Rather than one long story. Sasparilla Springs is planned to be series of short stories about all the townsfolk of the town. The new Sheriff, Jake Silver, arrives on his horse Charles to find a town full of the craziest characters this side of the Mississippi. Whether he’s listing to takes of alien abduction by the towns chemist and apothecary, Peyote, or he’s keeps the local bumbling thugs Bronx and T-Bone our of trouble, the Sheriff will have his hands full.

When the sun sets low, the townsfolk gather together in the local saloon, The Empty Trough, for some down home sasparilla.


I Love You Puppy deadline push back

I Love You Puppy deadline push back

Our next book, I Love You Puppy, was intended to be published Spring of 2015. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this will be delayed until the Fall of 2015. I Love You Puppy is written by Dan Bodenstein, and Illustrated by Ron Robrahn. Both writer and illustrator create their works as a part-time endeavor. So, occasionally, life gets in the way. But, have no fear, the book will be published.

I Love You Puppy, is a traditional rhyming bedtime story that dives into the daylong adventures of a young boy and his favorite plush toy. Together they embark on an imaginative journey that takes them from the depths of the sea, to the skies above. Only to find our heroes tucked safely in bed, to explore their imaginative world together once more the next day.



New Pirate Adventure In the Works

New Pirate Adventure In the Works

Avast matey! Totem Tales Publishing’s new division, Vivid Imagination Studios, is currently working on it’s first pre-teen novel. This is the first venture away from children’s picture books and into a project geared more for older children.

The pirate adventure follows the exploits of Buc Buccaneer as he learns the truth about his past. It’s a swashbuckling adventure that takes our readers across the vast caribbean sea, to the shores of Tortuga, and deep into the Black River. Filled with lovable characters and plot twisting villains, this tale with expand a child’s imagination and suspend their disbeliefs.


You can help fund Vivid Imagination Studios

Vivid Imagination Studios is the upstart company of myself, Dan Bodenstien, and my long time friend and illustrator, Ron Robrahn. Together we have created some amazing ideas for children’s books, and other media. We have recently launched a crowd-sourced campaign to raise money for Vivid Imagination Studios. VIS is working toward publishing it’s first book later this year, and with the help of generous people like you, we can make it happen.

Check out our GoFundMe campaign and read about our upcoming projects.

Expect a new children’s book this summer.

I Love You PuppyHot on the heals of their new venture, Vivid Imagination Studios is planning the release of it’s first children’s book. With several ideas on the table, it was important that a project was selected that could be published during the second quarter of 2014. Projects often get shuffled around, and we have given a new children’s book the green light.

The book, titled, “I Love You Puppy”, is written in the style of a traditional rhyming bedtime story. It explores the imagination of a young child and their favorite toy. Adventures ensue as the pair set out on their daily routines, only to be brought to a close at the end of the day.

Look for the book this Summer!


Totem Tales welcomes Vivid Imagination Studios

Vivid-LogoFinalTotem Tales Publishing welcomes it’s new sister publishing company, Vivid Imagination Studios. Vivid Imagination Studios is the brainchild of author Dan Bodenstein, and Illustrator Ronald Robrahn. After collaborating on their first project together, Steven the Vegan, Ron and Dan decided there was much more they could do together.

The idea notebook is overflowing with ideas for t-shirts, posters, comic books, and yes, children’s books. Together Ron and Dan hope to re-ignite that spark of imagination we all use have when we were young.


Steven the Vegan gets support on

We recently added a project on for Steven the Vegan. KickStarter allows you to find people to “pledge” financial support for a project in return for rewards, in this case everything from signed copies to the donors name in the book itself.

We plan to use for many more projects in the future.

Fields of Dreams Slowly Becoming a Reality

A new project, Fields of Dreams, is slowly becoming a reality. Fields of Dreams is a comic book is the story of a scarecrow that daydreams while standing in his corn field. As you have guessed, the comic is about imagination. Events that transpire around him will trigger his imagination and his day dreams. In his own mind, he looks more human than his true scarecrow form. It’s very “Don Quixote” in his mind. He battles dragons, monsters, a dark knight, space aliens, and whatever he can dream up.

The cast of characters includes the Farmer, the Farmer’s wife, their mean-spirited granddaughter Dot, Winston the old barn dog, and two crows named Sid and Marty.

Although the comic will have limited “text”, the story will be very imagination based. It’s our position that today’s video games, toys and even some books, tend to diminish a child’s use of imagination.

We are proposing a FREE volume zero issue, and potentially a digital comic available for download.

Please leave feedback and let me know your thoughts on this project.

Polar Bear Journeys Postponed

The project known as Polar Bear Journeys is currently postponed. It’s going through a new concept consideration to turn it into a fun-fill, fact-filled educational tool. The project follows a polar bear named Hugh who, along with his two penguin friends, decide to leave their home and go on vacation. Their first trip, which they stumble into, takes them to New York.

Originally it was designed to be a zany comeddy, but since it is location based, we beleive it could serve as an education tool with each episode / volume taking them to a new area.

We are also taking this time to work on another project, Fields of Dreams.


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