My original hope was to complete the first draft of Buc Buccaneer by the end of 2015. I am on the last chapter and since it has many twists, turns and emotional moments, I am really trying to capture those properly. Ron continues to do character development. We are considering adding illustrations in an older Sepia tone in the book. We’ve also discussed a toned down children’s book version, since Ron’s designs are just simply amazing!

IMG_4973This year, 2016, I hope to get the story analyzed by a novel doctor, and have the first true edit done. I an working toward getting it ready for publish at years end. Ron recently finished a few character designs for the story. We have several more main characters to work on, but the two he’s worked on are important to the story.

We also have an extremely talented artist named Ali Wagner that is working on a 3D sculpture of Buc Buccaneer. We met her in Orlando at her shop, 3 Fairies Workshop. She does some amazing work, and when we asked her if she could bring Buc to life, she said yes. Here’s the current stage of the sculpture.

Below are some character designs Ron has done for The Legend of Buc Buccaneer.

chumlee-one-sheet-wm twitch-one-sheet-wm


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