Welcome to Totem Tales Publishing.

Totem Tales Publishing is an independent publisher of children’s books.¬†We are a small group comprised of two artists and one writer. Together, our goal is to create imaginative stories that carry important messages for children. Our primary format is express through colorful children’s picture books. But, along with our new division, Vivid Imagination Studios, we are expanding that to pre-teen novels, as well as posters, and t-shirt designs.

We currently have two titles published, The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle, and Steven the Vegan.

In the News

Buc Buccaneer first draft is nearly complete.

My original hope was to complete the first draft of Buc Buccaneer by the end of 2015. I am on the last chapter and since it has many twists, turns and emotional moments, I am really trying to capture those properly. Ron continues to do character development. We are...

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The tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle

Eartha_the_sea_turtle_cover_frontThe Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle


Explore the fun side of ocean conservation with this bright and colorful tales based on a real rescued loggerhead sea turtle.


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Steven the Vegan


Steven the Vegan


Visit a farm sanctuary where Steven explains to his classmates what it means to be vegan, and why animals are his friends, not food.


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